Hello everyone,
It's been quite some time since I last posted on the site. A couple additions have been made. We're slowly adding inventory to the purchase page, uploaded a couple new images that I have taken recently. I've been experimenting with some new techniques and it's been quite a fun and interesting process. Have officially found a name for the company "Amalgam Photography," we will soon be purchasing a new domain name, getting rid of the ".weebly," Got rid of the forum in favor of using the blog comments as the main source of interaction. I think that's all for the updates over the past month.
I will be attempting to sell some images next month at a local shop, in "talks" with a couple of places about getting some consignment space. A lot of the offline efforts have limited my time online, but everything seems to be falling in place so hopefully I can write more and better yet get out and shoot more.

Thanks for reading,
2/4/2010 03:29:49 am

Snow Cone would make a great Christmas card!


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