I did that a lot faster then I had previously assumed, so now their are 29 prints for sale, more to come in the future. For the first time everything Available for sale is on the website. I do have other items however I have agreements with dealers which prevent me from selling the work through the site, however if you see something in the galleries you are interested in and is not listed for sale, please contact me and I will work out a way for you to get the item you wish to purchase.
Thank You and stop back frequently as updates will now be more consistant
So its summer now, or at least it feels like summer, I understand its still technically spring.Been working on some projects for the site, have put up some photos over the past couple weeks, will being offering more items for sale within the week, working on the page right now. Started advertising the site and have had some success, sales are still low, which isn't a bad thing as they have been manageable. Looking to move soon, which will hopefully add some variety to the natural categories, currently working in collaboration with a film maker to get some work on his site which will allow for more exposure.

Anyways that was just a quick update, will be more coming, currently I'm working on a review blog about local restaurants and entertainment, so that is taking up a lot of my time as well as the two collaborations I'm working on, not to mention the studio is having a lot of success and is demanding more of my time.

On other notes, I'm learning Italian, Starting to Compile a Recipe Book and in the preproduction stages on small film. So life is less then boring.
Thanks as always