Its been awhile since I last posted. Have been checking up on the site and responding to questions and comments, but haven't had much time to upload new stuff, in fact haven't had much time to create or capture new things.
I have a New set of pictures in the "Lambent" section, a true amalgamation of the techniques and subjects I have been working with. Down below I have posted some that I didn't put up on the site, the entire shoot took over 2 hours and resulted in about 20 images. Here are a few along with the ones on the main page.
If the names weren't a dead give away, this series was a light experiment with spider webs as the subject. I believe they are pretty awesome, would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks and enjoy,

P.S. "Self Portrait" is named so because that creepy human outline, while that's me hard at work with the lights.
Self Portrait

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