So I stated in my  "author bio" of this blog I would share things I learned with the world. Well I have not been doing that very vigilantly. So I'd like to take this time to blog on my editing procedures.
First off I do minimal editing, all of the images that have been superficially enhanced are located in the Abstract/Experimental gallery. Everything else is exactly the way it was taken, minus some minimal cropping and infrequent color correcting, I prefer to have my work be "pure." One reason I do this is its not the difficult with digital technology, many of my subjects are stationary which allows me to take a photo, look at it on the camera and adjust accordingly, and then take another shot. This also enables you to become more familiar with your camera and its needs so that when you are shooting a fleeting moment you are able to adjust on the fly and capture the perfect image without need for computer adjustments.
Here's my shout out to my editing software, I use, a website now owned by Google, which is free (for the basic package), the reason I choose Picnik from a slew of other free programs was that most other programs (windows live photo, etc.) degrade your image upon editing. Picnik allows you to save in the highest possible JPEG format (or TIFF if you enjoy wasting hard drive space). So theirs my lesson for the day for you guys, Picnik is currently the best free editing software I have found. I also have photo shop but I find the program better for advanced editing then the simple cropping and saving that I generally do.
Thanks for reading and hopefully this time I'll continue with my lessons

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