Apparently I'm in a writing mood today. But I had a recent inquiry into my pricing, the prices listed on the website include the shipping of the product as well as my PayPal fees and the taxes on the item. So if you are interested in purchasing a print and would like to negotiate I am willing, especially if I can deliver it to you and get paid directly, I will pass these savings onto you. My main goal is to produce photography that people love, and I understand my pricing may seem a bit steep. I would argue that other photographers charge more, however that is not the point. My pricing is set in a way that allows me to provide you with the highest quality prints and framing, and to be able to ship these products to you in a reasonable time frame.
So in summary if you are interested in a print, whether its in the purchase section or just within one of the galleries don't hesitate to contact me and we will work out a pricing that benefits both of us mutually.
Either visit the contact section or e-mail:


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