I have added more sections. Some of the originals were getting a little packed and some newer images didn't fit well into any of the existing categories. I also added the contact section, just to give everyone easy access to me directly. So if you have any questions you can send me an e-mail or as always just comment on the blog and I will read it.
I am currently in the design and prep phases of a new project so once that comes to fruition I will be posting those on the site. Other then that winter has begun to subside and now having moved I have a bunch of exploring to do, with every great adventure comes a bunch on my photographs so I'm looking forward to that.
I will also be travel more then usual in the upcoming weeks. I have been bound to this city a little longer then I can stand, with the exception of one trip up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The Falls may be more impressive on the Canadian side, however the american side has a great charm in the fact that (other then a plethora of parking areas) the natural beauty still remains. It may also have helped that we were their when no one else was, a cold Sunday in early March.
I have posted one picture in the "Landscapes" section of the falls, I was using a new technique I've been trying and I personally love the photo.
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