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The new site is "done", done of course a relative term at this site along with my photography is always evolving. Hopefully the new layout pleases you as much as it has me, notably I have some changes that may have been overlooked in the updates so if you find any dead links or anything that needs some work please tell me and I will fix it.
Thanks for all your help and input
As you all have probably noticed the site is undergoing some major surgery, so far the changes have been mainly design based. In the coming days the galleries will be getting a face lift. I have added a section explaining stock photography and have am in the process of securing my work better.
Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome and encourage, I want a site that people enjoy navigating and viewing and your insights will be very helpful in achieving that objective.
When the galleries are complete a lot of new work will be added and some of the current selections will be removed to make way for the new projects I am currently working full steam on.
Thank you for your help and your patience during this remodeling.

Apparently I'm in a writing mood today. But I had a recent inquiry into my pricing, the prices listed on the website include the shipping of the product as well as my PayPal fees and the taxes on the item. So if you are interested in purchasing a print and would like to negotiate I am willing, especially if I can deliver it to you and get paid directly, I will pass these savings onto you. My main goal is to produce photography that people love, and I understand my pricing may seem a bit steep. I would argue that other photographers charge more, however that is not the point. My pricing is set in a way that allows me to provide you with the highest quality prints and framing, and to be able to ship these products to you in a reasonable time frame.
So in summary if you are interested in a print, whether its in the purchase section or just within one of the galleries don't hesitate to contact me and we will work out a pricing that benefits both of us mutually.
Either visit the contact section or e-mail:

So I stated in my  "author bio" of this blog I would share things I learned with the world. Well I have not been doing that very vigilantly. So I'd like to take this time to blog on my editing procedures.
First off I do minimal editing, all of the images that have been superficially enhanced are located in the Abstract/Experimental gallery. Everything else is exactly the way it was taken, minus some minimal cropping and infrequent color correcting, I prefer to have my work be "pure." One reason I do this is its not the difficult with digital technology, many of my subjects are stationary which allows me to take a photo, look at it on the camera and adjust accordingly, and then take another shot. This also enables you to become more familiar with your camera and its needs so that when you are shooting a fleeting moment you are able to adjust on the fly and capture the perfect image without need for computer adjustments.
Here's my shout out to my editing software, I use, a website now owned by Google, which is free (for the basic package), the reason I choose Picnik from a slew of other free programs was that most other programs (windows live photo, etc.) degrade your image upon editing. Picnik allows you to save in the highest possible JPEG format (or TIFF if you enjoy wasting hard drive space). So theirs my lesson for the day for you guys, Picnik is currently the best free editing software I have found. I also have photo shop but I find the program better for advanced editing then the simple cropping and saving that I generally do.
Thanks for reading and hopefully this time I'll continue with my lessons
Was out shooting the other day and stumbled upon some graffiti, Enjoy. Made me want to get back out and do the Graffiti project I was working on, so now I have yet another project I'm working on, although this one is simple and quite enjoyable, just walking aimlessly looking for some good tags. Hope you all enjoy.
Big additions to the Macro section after a very successful day with the lens outside. Also removed a couple from the galleries, believing that my work is always evolving and sometimes I just become underwhelmed by an image and remove it. Also some additions in some other categories, spending a lot of time experimenting with some new approaches so hopefully that will come out soon. Anyways I'm off to take more photos, I expect to add additional photos tomorrow or Wednesday so stop by again and see those additions.