I have added some new photographs around the site, not too many just a couple here and there, replaced some old ones that had lived out their website days. The new categories are coming along have been working on some lambent photography. Spending more time outdoors now, expect to see a whole new animal section as well as flower/plant. The progress had been slow, tedious if you will. Focusing a lot on the studio stuff right now, but trying to get a new set out for a nice upcoming series. So yes this does mean I am holding out on you a bit, keeping some things for myself, but it'll just be a bigger surprise.
Expect the lambent section to pick up in the next couple of weeks, as I am doing some experimenting with a few new techinques, built myself a nice set up that will allow me to produce more variety as well as minimize the time spent creating one image. (That being said "Starscape" took me almost 2 hours to create, and its just a rough draft of the final project).
Working on getting some stuff out in the community so the website can pick up more traffic and possibly make this a more profitable venture, would always like to spend less time in the studio and more time freelancing. But hopefully my new show will open some doors and maybe I can get some prints on some shelves.
So as always hope your enjoying my work and feel free to contact me about anything
So as I mentioned in my previous blog I will be traveling a bunch this month and already started last weekend. I have uploaded some new pics to the ANIMALS page, so please enjoy.
Other then that some minor enhancements have been made around the site, and more are in progress, nothing to extreme, just some things to make the site a little more attractive and user friendly.
Hope you enjoy the new photos, more on the way!